Types of Dangers

It is important to know the types of dangers that may be a problem to you and your family. This will help you get ready for any type of emergency.

All parts of North Carolina have been hit by tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, lightning strikes, snow and ice storms. These natural disasters have caused power outages, property damage, damage to the land, and breaks in food and water supplies. Very bad weather is not the only danger that you should be ready for.

Dangerous materials events also may cause you problems. Unsafe materials can spill out while they are being made, stored, moved or put in the trash. You need to know if you live or work near a maker of chemicals, or near to a major road or rail line. It is important to know if you live near a nuclear power plant. Take time to plan what you would do in an emergency.

Your plan should have the names and phone numbers of people you will call during an emergency. It is good to know how you will get in touch with one another. Put together an emergency supply kit with plenty of food, water and basic supplies for each member of your family (pets, too) for three to seven days. Key papers – insurance policies, medical records and banking information – should be in your kit. Make your plan and kit now! It will help keep you and your family safe during and after a disaster. Look over insurance policies to make sure you are protected. Know how to make a claim in the event of storm damage.